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Jazz Choir Performance of "Love You'

The Cary-Grove High School Jazz Choir is an eight member a cappella vocal group that performs jazz and popular music. We first heard Love You on the end credits of Stranger Than Fiction and knew it would be perfect for our group. We adapted the arrangement from the original so that it would work without accompaniment. We hope you enjoy it.

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Welcome to The Free Design website!

Thank you for coming to visit our new website! This site is owned by the band and managed by Jay Zynczak, the oldest son of The Free Design’s lead singer Sandy Dedrick. First and foremost, thanks must be given to Robbie Baldock, who ran the previous incarnation of this website and generously donated both the domain name and much of the great content found herein. Without his assistance and perseverance in promoting The Free Design over the last two decades there wouldn’t have been such a groundswell of new interest in the band! Thanks also must go to Matt Sullivan...

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Chris Dedrick (1947-2010)

Chris Dedrick was the leader of the New York sibling pop group the Free Design in the 1960s. The Free Design didn't have any big hits, even though they put out a string of excellent pop albums with famous producer Enoch Light, but there was a resurgence of interest in the band's sound in the last decade or so. When their albums were re-released by Light in the Attic Records starting in 2003, I picked them up on a hunch, never having heard the band. The Free Design made an immediate and lasting impact on me with their jazzy but...

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Interview with Sandy Dedrick

Q: Sandy, let me start by saying I actually saw Free Design at the 1967 Auto Show here in Syracuse, New York, held at the Onondaga County War Memorial. A: Oh, my goodness. Q: I don't get to say that to many people. A: That's amazing! Q: I remember seeing and hearing a girl singing "Kites Are Fun". A: Yes, that was our song. That was me and my two brothers. Q: I thought at the time that's a rather strange title for a song. Did you write that song? A: No. Actually Chris wrote it, my brother. It's the...

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Chris Dedrick Interview

Chris Dedrick was one of the three founding members of The Free Design. He was also the chief song-writer and composer/arranger. He's still very much making music as a composer/arranger specialising in film and TV projects.Robbie Baldock spent an hour or so talking with Chris in the Summer of 1998. The results of their conversation are reproduced below. BEGINNINGS Could you tell me a little about your own musical background and that of the rest of the Dedrick family, particularly the other members of the Free Design? We grew up in a musical family, my father [Art Dedrick] was a trombonist and...

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