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"My Brother Woody" Live on TV

If you never had the opportunity to see them play live, here's The Free Design singing "My Brother Woody" on TV in 1968.

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"Sandra Dedrick" It's a Blue Hill Day: A Tribute to Christopher Dedrick

We're pleased to announce the release of "It's A Blue Hill Day - A Tribute to Christopher Dedrick" performed by Sandy Dedrick, sister of Chris Dedrick, and a band of several of Canada's top jazz legends, including Tom Szczesniak, who played with The Free Design in the 1970s."It's A Blue Hill Day" is the first solo album sung and produced by Sandy Dedrick, and it was Sandy's desire to find a way to honor her brother that inspired this album.  The recording consists of 10 of Chris' own beautifully lyrical, mostly unrecorded songs, written between 1970 and 2010 and culled...

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Free Design Albums Released on CD in Japan

We’re pleased to announce that Ultra-Vybe Records, a label based in Tokyo has released all of the original Free Design Albums as well as a “Best Of” album on CD in Japan!  The first three albums plus a singles CD were released on January 19, 2011 followed by the remaining four albums on April 20, 2011.  They are available in Japan via Ultra-Vybe’s website ( and through HMV Japan ( among others.  Ultra-Vybe utilized all the original Free Design album art to create their releases and they look fantastic!  They also created their own art for the singles CD...

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Cosmic Peekaboo Interview

Robbie Baldock interviews Chris Dedrick about the first new Free Design album to appear for nearly 30 years, Cosmic Peekaboo. It was conducted over February and March 2001 MAKING COSMIC PEEKABOO Robbie: Congratulations on the new album! In many ways it's as though the last 30 years never happened: you all still sound so beautiful singing together. Can you tell me a little about the processes which led to you deciding to bring the Free Design back together to record this new album? Chris: The event that brought my thoughts about the Free Design out of "isn't it great that...

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Over the Blue Hill - Sandy Dedrick tells the story

The Red Bull Music Academy's James Singleton interviews Sandy Dedrick of The Free DesignClick here for the audio version The "middle-of-the-road" music genre, commonly referred to as MOR, is a grossly under-appreciated and overlooked section in much of the world’s record stores. Shop owners don't help make things any easier, as the albums typifying this genre are usually found hiding in dusty back corners or along vertical shelves packed impossibly tight and bearing the signifiers "easy listening", "beautiful music" or "instrumental classics." Many younger record shoppers mistakenly write off these sections as insipid, or strictly for the over-sixty, Liberace-loving crowd....

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