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Sandy Dedrick Interview with Karl Gehrke on South Dakota Public Radio

The late 1960s were a golden age for what today is called sunshine pop. This was a time when vocal groups like the Association, the Mamas and Papas, Fifth Dimension and others hit the top of the charts with cheerful songs about riding in beautiful balloons and winsome girls handing out rainbows. Perhaps the sunniest group of all was a quartet of siblings from rural New York who called themselves the Free Design. With arranger and songwriter Chris Dedrick at the helm, brother Bruce and sisters Sandra and Ellen created music that was lyrically happy and playful, yet also musically...

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Jingle Bell Rocks!

Here is a clip from the new Christmas Documentary film "Jingle Bell Rocks!" featuring The Free Design and an interview with Sandy Dedrick. Merry Christmas!

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Dangerous Minds Blog Features Free Design

A nice little piece about The Free Design  on the Dangerous Minds blog:

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Jingle Bell Rocks

We’re pleased to announce that a new documentary film featuring The Free Design song, “Close Your Mouth (It’s Christmas) will air on the Knowledge Network TV this Dec. 17th 2013 at 9:00 and on Dec. 18th 2013 at midnight.  The film, Jingle Bell Rocks, is a cinematic sleighride into the strange and sublime universe of alternative and underground Christmas music, featuring The Flaming Lips, Run-DMC, The Free Design, Low, Miles Davis & Bob Dorough, Clarence Carter, John Waters, Akim & The Teddy Vann Prod. Co., The Mighty Sparrow, A Girl Called Eddy, El Vez and many more.  Check out the...

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New Interview with Sandy Dedrick in Shindig! Magazine

With their clean-cut image ,easy-on-the-ears sunshine popand mainstream TV appeal, it’s no wonder THE FREEDESIGN were misinterpreted as just another group of singing siblings in a late ’60s marketplace overcrowded with such entities. But beneath their wholesome exterior lurked a supremely talented and fiercely experimental songwriter/arranger in ChrisDedrick, whose meticulous deployment of those four voices draws few, if any, parallels to this day. Over seven albums that filtered jazz and pop influences -coloured by the happenin’ love generation that surrounded them- they veered from the middle of the road to the edges of the avant-garde, stopping off at most points...

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